General Orders / Circulars from CRD
സി ആർ ഡി യിൽ നിന്നുള്ള ഉത്തരവുകൾ / സർക്കുലറുകൾ

Date Order / Circular No. Subject
30.03.2020 5554/DP4/2020/CRD(A) Covid 19 - Preventive Measures - Security Protocols
14.01.2020 17438/Estt B1/2017/CRD Additional charge of BDOs - instructions
25.07.2019 5135/Estt D2/2019/CRD Implementation of 'PRISM'  for Pensioners
23.02.2019 1376/Estt B3/19CRD General Transfer 2019
19.12.2018 1680/Estt B2/18/CRD Ratio in the cadre of VEOs
15.10.2018 15452/Estt B1/18/CRD Ratification of Charge Arrangements
06.08.2018 15812/Estt B1/17/CRD Regularisation of newly recruited BDOs
24.03.2018 4911/AC&AD5/18/CRD Uniform for Drivers
04.11.2017 11514/RI5/2017/CRD SAGY- Effective Implementation-Circular
26.05.2017 5859/EsttB3/2017/CRD JBDOs-Charge allowance
27.04.2017 21563/EsttA2/2016/CRD Select List - cadre of BPS/SS/DWWO/APO(WD)
28.03.2017 CRD/466/2017-ESTT-C2 Joining Order of Sri.George Thomas
23.03.2017 7414/EGS.A/12/REGS MGNREGS-Setting up of Social Audit Society Kerala
25.08.2016 24818/Ac&Ad5/2014/CRD Ownerhip Change of vehicle at Vamanapuram Block
24.04.2013 7267/Estt B1/2013/CRD Charge arrangement of BDOs/BP Secretaries
23.12.2015 21452/DP4/2015/CRD Sexual Harassment of Women at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & redressal) act-2013 - Internal Complaint Committee - reconstitution
16.09.2009 24400/EsttB3/09/CRD Deligation of Power in RDD