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Government Orders

GO(MS)No.121611//LSGD dtd.16.05.2011-Contract Renewal of Staff appointed at Block Panchayats and Grama Panchayats

G.O(Rt)No.620/2011/LSGD dated.26/02/2011 - State Employment Guarantee Council Rules, 2009 - Reconstitution of the Council.
GO(Rt)No.159/2011/LSGD dtd.17.01.2011-Schedule of Rates through Work,Time & Motion Study-Pilot testing in four blocks-reg
GO(Rt)No.417-2011-LSGD - dtd.09.02.2011-Implementation of Social Audit LSG Institutions
GO(Rt)No.143/2011/LSGD dtd.14.01.2011 - Approved List of participants to attend the NREGA Mela 2011 at New Delhi
GO(Rt)No.4007/2010/LSGC dtd.27.12.2010 - Aralam Resettlement Area-Designating Special Officer as JPC under MGNREGS
GO(P)No.293/2010/LSGD dtd-29.11.2010-Kudumbashree-Duties of Mates-Guidelines
GO(MS)No.305/2010/LSGD dtd.21.12.2010- Social Audit of Local Self Government
GO(Rt)No.4026/2010/LSGD dtd.28.12.2010 - Advance Payment to ST beneficiaries in Aralam Resettlement Area
GO(MS)No.3677/2010/LSGD-dated 23.11.2010-Labour Budget 2011-12-Convening of Special Grama Sabha
G.O(Rt)No.3167-2010-LSGD dated.01.10.2010-Expert Committee for the preliminary scrutiny of Distict Perspective Plan
GO(Rt)No.3081-2010-LSGD dtd.18.09.2010 - Evaluation Study(2010-11)
GO(MS)No.3141/2010/LSGD dtd.28.09.2010-Temporary arragements for operating Accounts at GP/BP
G.O(Rt)No.2558/10/LSGD Dated.03/08/2010 - Preparation of Watershed Master Plan-Grameena padana Kendram-Karakulam-Acreditted agency
GO(Rt)No.2706/10/LSGD dtd. 12.08.2010-Establishment-MGNREGA-Posting of JDC's as JPCs -Duties and resonibilities-logistical support
GO(MS)No.305/2008/LSGD dtd.18.11.2008-Appointment of an additional Assistant Engineer/Overseer in the GPs with more than 1 crore expenditure
GO(MS) No.498/2010/LSGD dtd 15.02.2010-Watershed Development master plan preparation-Maithri-Palakkad
G.O(Rt)No.467-2010-LSGD Dtd.10.02.10 Implementation of works in Priyadharshini tea plantation
GO(MS)No.26/2010/LSGD dtd.08.02.2010 - Establishment-NREGS-Modified Order
GO(MS)No.34402009LSGD dtd 24.12.2009-District Level Social Audit-Additional charge to ADC(PA)
GO(MS)No.167-09-LSGD dtd 26.08.2009-Establishment-NREGS-at State,District,Block and Panchayat level
G.O(Rt)No.327.2010.LSGD Dtd.29.01.2010 Organization of NREGA Mela 2010 to be held at New  Delhi on 2nd February 2010-Deputation of participants
G.O(Rt) No.3440-2009-LSGD Dtd.24-12-09 Additional Charge of  ADC(PA)     
G.O(Rt) No.13-2010-LSGD Dtd.01-01-10 Alloted institutional charge for acredited institutions
G.O(Rt) No.3239-2009-LSGD Dtd.07-12-2009 VPN Connectivity to local bodies through BSNL
G.O(MS)No.3390-2009-LSGD dtd.21-12-09 Reorganization of Technical Advisory Group
G.O(MS)No.3413-2009-LSGD Dtd.22.12.2009 Watershed Master plan-Share of farrmers excempted
G.O(Rt)No.3009-09-LSGD Dtd.13.11.2009 Cadastral Maps in electronic form - free supply by IKM
G.O(Rt)No.2854-2009-LSGD Dtd. 02.11.2009 – Regularization of services of overstayal of co-ordinators
G.O(MS)No.219-2009-LSGD Dtd.17.11.2009 – Ombudsman for redressal of grievances
G.O. 2854-2009-LSGD-Dtd. 02.11.2009 -Regularisation of Services of Co-ordinators &  Posting of Full Time Co-ordinators at GP
GO(Rt) No.2514/2009/LSGD dtd. 01.10.09 Appointment of 3 Program Officers
G.O.(Ms) No. 2585/2009/LSGD dtd. 08.10.09 - Special Gramasabha for labour Budget & Annual Action Plan for 2010-11
G.O.(Rt) 2439/2009/LSGD dtd. 24.09.09 - Reconstitution of State Employment Guarantee Council Rules
GO(Rt)No.2199-2009-LSGD dtd. 25.08.2009 Fund Flow-Delegation of financial powers to PDs
GO(Rt)No.1815-2009-LSGD dated 20.07.2009-Traininag plan for 2008-09- Transfer of fund from KILA to SIRD
GO(Rt)No.1929-2009-LSGD dated 30.07.2009 -Preparation of Perspective Plan based on GIS Platform- Kozhikkode
GO(Rt)No.130-2009-LSGD  dated 14.01.2009 - Hardware procurement and data connectivity for Phase III Blocks
GO(Rt)No.1877-2009-LSGD dated 27.07.2009 - Wage disbursement to ST Members - Corpus Fund of  Kudumbashree
GO(Rt)No.1866-2009-LSGD dated 27.07.2009 - Salary of Data Entry Operators - incremented
Go(Rt)No.1878-2009-LSGD dated 27.07.2009 - Award  Scheme for Grama Panchayats.
GO(Rt)No.1611-2009-LSGD dated 01.07.2009 -Constitution of State Level Technical Appellate Committee & appointment of State Nodal Officer(Technical)
GO(Rt)No.180-2009-LSGD dated 20.07.2009 - Fine for Delayed payment in Vithura Panchayat
GO(Rt)No.1653-2009-LSGD dated 06.07.2009 - Granting of Rs.3250/- from the Panchayat Fund for conducting Social Audit.
GO(Rt)No.3709-2008-LSGD dated 22.10.2008 - Operationalisation of MIS-State Level Core Team Constituted-Sanction Accorded
GO(Rt)No.1108-2009-LSGD dated 12.05.2009 - NREGA & convergence of other schemes-High level Coordination Committee consituted
GO(Rt)No.1046-2009-LSGD dated 04.05.2009 -Rozgar Jagrookta Puraskar-Screening Committee Constituted
GO(Rt)No.1153-2009-LSGD dated 16.05.2009 - Evaluation Study in Wayanad,Palakkad,Idukki and Kasargod Districts-Administrative Sanction
GO(MS)No.53-2009-LSGD dated 18.04.09-Strengthening of technical support-setting up of NREGA cell at state level
GO(MS)No.49-2009-LSGD dated 07.04.2009-WaterShed Master Plan Guidelines
GO(Rt).No.3379-08-LSGD dated 15.09.08-Formation of Labour Banks at Panchayat Level
GO(Rt)No.3775-2008-LSGD dated 28.10.08-Formation of Tech.Adv.Committee at Panchayat level
GO(MS)No.346-08-LSGD dated 31.12.08-Renaming JBDO(EGS)
GO(MS)NO.12009LSGD-Diploma Holders-Accredited Engineers-dated 02.01.2009
G.O No 4343-2008-LSGD-17.12.2008-Attappady- Schemes implementation-Appointment of Mates
G.O. MS-No.312-2008-LSGD-22.11.2008-Schemes in Forest Areas-Attappady
G.O. No.4342-2008-LSGD-17.12.2008-TA for Data Entry Operators
G.O.[Rt] No.4255/2008/LSGD dtd. 06.12.2008 Award of Excellence in NREGA Admin.–Expert Committee
G.O.(Rt) No.3991-2008-LSGD- Perspective plan for phase III Districts

G.O.214-2008-LSGD dtd. 28.07.2008 - Implementation of schemes in Forest areas

GO(Rt)No.3684/2008/LSGD, dated 20/10/2008 - Check Measurement of private Engineers- Clarifications
G.O.(MS)No.256/2008/LSGD dtd16.09.2008 Enhancement of delegation of powers for estimate preparation and TS
GO(MS) 45/2006 Dated 31-03-2006 -NREG Scheme Implemented - Orders Issued
GO(MS) 81/2006/LSGD Dated 20-03-2006 Payment of wages - Detailed Instructions
Labour Budget and Annual Action Plan for 2009-10 GO 3548-2008-LSGD dtd 03.10.2008
3918-200-LSG - Govt.Order - Technical Advisory Committee - UnOfficial Members Sitting Fee
NREGS-Implementation In Forest Areas-Guidelines- G.O.(MS) 126-2007-LSGD Dtd 07-05-2007

Government Circulars

No.17508/DD2/2011/LSGD dtd.09.05.2011 -Timely payment of Wages
No.27756-NREG Cell3-10-CRD dtd.25.01.2010-Instructions for the implementation of Road and canal related works
No.13801-DD2-11-LSGD dtd.01.03.2011 - Addl.Guidelines for Transparecy and Accountability
No 73945-DD2-2010-LSGD-dtd.07.01.2011 Corrective measures for the rectification of irregularities in the implemenation of the Scheme
No.11524/DD2/11/LSGD dtd.23.02.2011 - Time and Motion Study- Pilot testing-Implementation of Works-Guidelines
No.12102/DD2/11/LSGD dtd.23.02.2011 - LB 2011-12- AS & TS of Works
No.6672/DD2/LSGD dtd.02.02.2011- Revised wage rate-clarifications
N0.63878/DD2/2010/LSGD dtd.15.10.2010 - RSBY - Enrolment of beneficiaries completed 15 days of employment
No.58391/DD2/2010/LSGD dtd.16.09.2010 - JBDOs are authorised to issue Muster roll
No.61555/DD2/2010/LSGD dtd.08.10.2010 - JBDOs are authorised to issue Muster roll-Erratum
No.60255/DD2/LSGD dtd 12.09.2010 -MGNREGS- Guidelines for the preparation of Labour Budget for the FY 2011-12
No.38235/DD2/2010/LSGD dtd.11.08.2010 - Punarjani Sheme
No.9688/DD2/10/LSGD dtd 09.02.2010 CAPART-Young Professionals-Guidelines
56396-DD2-2008-LSGD dtd. 21.08.2008 - Purchase fof Equipments - Clarification
No.28723/ER-A2/2009/LSGD dtd. 04.06.2009 Renaminig JBDO(RSE) to JBDO(EGS)
No.37837-DD2-LSGD dated 24.06.2009 -  Convergence with Soil Conservation Department on Watershed based projects
No.28364-DD2-2009-LSGD dated 16.05.2009 - Attappady block-NREGS at SC-ST habitat -clarification
20469-DD2-2009-LSGD dated 27.03.2009 - Convergence of NREGS and Forestry - Haritha keralam-Instructions Issued
14830-DD2-09-LSGD dated 02.03.09-Addl. guideline to worksite facilities
14829-DD2-09-LSGD dated 02.03.09-NREGS-Digging of Ponds at private land-Addl Instructions
33646/EPA3/2008/LSGD dtd 27.11.08 - Role of LSG Engineers in NREGA Works
71975-DD2-2008-LSGD-Circular-Engaging Semi Skilled Labourers for helping Agricultural Officers in Watershed Development Activities
Workers Gramasabha in connection with Gandhi Jayanthi Week
No.56396-DD2-08-LSGD dated 21-08-2008 - Circular - Purchase of Implements - Clarification
66517/DD2/2008/LSGD dtd. 20.10.2008-Circular-Appointment of Mates-Additional Guidelines
66512-DD2-2008-LSGD-dtd 20.10.2008 - Circular - Labour Budget - Demand Calculation through NHGs 

CRD Communications, Orders

Circular No.18805/NREG Cell4/2011/CRD - Leave Conditions of Contract Employees
No.2368/MGNREG Cell-1/10/CRD dtd.15.02.2010 -Service Conditions-Leave-Contract Employees
No.17232/NREG Cell 4/2010/CRD dtd. 20.04.2011 - State Level Monitoring
13839/NREG Cell4/08/CRD dtd.28.12.2010- ICT Infrastructure at GPs - Over and above the 6% adminsitrative expenditure
12496-NREG Cell 1-10-CRD-dtd. 15.03.2011-Release of state share-TVM,KLM,PTA,EKM&MPM
12496-NREG Cell 1-10-CRD-dtd. 19.03.2011-Release of State share-Idukki & Kozhikkode
17411-NREG Cell2-09-CRD dtd.19.02.2010-Addl. DEO at GPs with more than 1 crore expenditure
4842-NREG Cell1-2011-CRD-dtd.28.02.2011- Administrative expenses of State Cell-Transfer of Funds from Districts
Employment Gurantee Council 9th meeting agenda
No.44503/NREG Cell/08/CRD dtd.12.01.2010 - Implementation of ICT Pilot Project in Palakkad and Wayanad Districts
No.27581/NREG Cell4/08/CRD dtd.03.11.2010- Block Panchayat and Grama Panchayat Delimitation
No.8849/NREG Cell2/10/CRD dtd.12.01.2011-Instructions for the works taken up through the Coir Geo Textiles
No.27630/Fin3/10/CRD dtd.22.11.2010-Evaluation Study of NREGA implementation-Release of Funds to SIRD
No.41360/NREG Cell2/10/CRD-Instructions for eliminating the irregularities in the Scheme Implementation
Application / Nomination form for Ombudsman
No.9543/NREG Cell2/10/CRD dtd.14.09.2010 - Deployment of NREGS Data Entry Operators for other duties-Decision of the SEGC-Compliance
No.16071/NREG Cell/08/CRD dated 28.10.2008 - Unemployment Allowance to Sri.A.P.Vimalan, Mullankolli GP, Wayanad
Amendment to NREGAct-2005-Name changed to Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act
No.23036/NREG Cell1/10/CRD dtd. 20.08.2010 - Non issuance of Muster roll to works with Material
No.18539-DD2-LSGD dtd. 15.05.2010-Beneficiaries own Tools for the Mahatma Gandhi NREGS works
No.12711-NREG Cell2-10-CRd dtd.06.09.2010 - Works at semi-Governmental Institutions
No.9543-NREG Cell2-10-CRD dtd.14.09.2010 -Fallow lands made cultivable
No.9543-NREG Cell2-10-CRD dtd.14.09.2010 - Arrangements for providing 100 days employment to households.pdf
No.20906/NREG Cell/10/CRD dtd.13.09.2010-Implementation of dedicated,ICT infrastructure facilities Grama Panchayats-Orders issued
No.23018/NREG Cell2/2010 dtd.08.09.2010-Transparency in the implementation of the Scheme -Group photo of workers
No.23018/NREG Cell2/2010 dtd.08.09.2010-State level monitoring-Inspection of the Scheme implementation-Monthly Schedule
Minutes of the 8th SEGC meeting dtd. 27.08.2010
No.35184/NREG Cell/09/CRD dtd.29.12.2009 - Re-deployment of Accountant cum data entry operators in the Grama Panchayats with less than 35 lakhs expenditure
No.14931/NREG Cell/10/CRD dtd. 05.06.2010 - Extension of Period of Contract employees under Mahatma Gandhi NREGS
No.6599-NREG Cell2-10-CRD Dated.09.04.2010 Preparation of Watershed Master Plan-Block wise taining and workshop
Minutes - 7th meeting of State Employment Guarantee Council - Dtd.19.04.2010
No.6598/NREGA/10/CRD dtd. 06.03.2010 - Directions for integraion of NREGS with HarithaKeralam
No.2368/MGNREG Cell-1/10/CRD dtd.15.02.2010 - Service Conditions-Leave-Contract Employees
No.2341/NREG Cell-2/09/CRD dated 09.02.2010 - Amendment to NREG Act-2005-Change of name to Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Act
Order No.34404-NREGCell-09-CRD Dtd.15.12.09 Second Installment of State Share -Wayanad District
Order No.34404-NREG cell -09-CRD Dtd.21-12-09  Advance release of State Share -  Wayanad District
Order No.34404-NREGCell-09-CRD Dtd.12.01. Advance release of State Share -  Idukki District
Order No.9833-NREG Cell -09-CRD Dtd.11-01-2010  Deputation of Programme Officer (Water shed & Training) in NREG Cell
Minutes of High level Co-ordination Committee for Intersectural Convergence - Dtd.28-10.2009
Order No.17946-NREG cell 2-09-CRD Dtd.14.12.09 Preparation of technical Manual - Const. of Technical Committee
Order No.34404-NREG Cell-09-CRD Dtd.21.12.09 Release of State share of funds for 2009-10  to Wayanad districts
44503-NREG Cell-08-CRD Dtd. 19.11.2009 ICT Pilot Project – Smart Card and Non Smart Card in Alathoor and Mananthavady
Minutes - 6th meeting of Employment Guarantee Council Dtd. 28.10.2009
34404-NREG Cell-09-CRD Dtd. 02.12.09 Release of state share of funds for 2009-10 to Thiruvananthapuram Dist
Circular 9836-NREG Cell 2-09-CRD Dtd.29.10.2009 Special training programme and preparation of hand book
Order 20374- NREG Cell -09-CRD Dtd.13.11.2009-Transfer and posting of YPs
26117-NREG Cell-09-CRD dtd. 01.10.2009  Preparation of AAP & Labour Budget for 2010-11 Guidelines
9833-NREG Cell-09-CRD dtd. 02.11.2009 - Programme Officer- Posting order
22532/NREG Cell-2/2009/CRD dtd. 12.10.2009 Land Development of Private Land of SF&MF
9695-NREGCell-2-2007-CRD dtd. 12.10.2009 Circular - Rehabilitation of families-child Labour-reg
Order No. 20374/NREG Cell/09/CRD dtd. 01.10.09 Posting Orders of Young Professionals
29435/NREG Cell/09/CRD - Circular dtd. 12.10.09 Office Level Cleaning Campaign - Instructions
Order No. 10625/NREG Cell-2/09/CRD dtd. 05.10.2009 Release of balance state share - Ernakulam Dt.
No.10625-NREG Cell-2009-CRD dtd. 25.08.2009 Release of State Share to Pathanamthitta1
No.42541-NREG Cell-09-CRD dated 04.07.2009 -Additional Guidelines for the effective implementation of the programme
No.16129-NREG Cell-09-CRD dated 07.08.2009 - Wage Disbursement through Post Office Savings Bank Account
No.42541-NREG Cell-09-CRD dated 04.08.2009 -Additional Guidelines for the effective implementation of the programme
No.40184/NREG Cell/07/CRD - dated 10.07.2009 - TA for IT Professionals
No.15399-NREG Cell-2009-CRD-dated 22.06.2009-Chief Officer,RIB-designated as Communication Expert for NREGA
41360 - NREGA Cell-08 - Circular - State Level Monitoring -Responsibilities
Minutes of the SEGC meeting held on 17/09/2008
8529-NREG Cell-06-CRD  dated 22.09.2008 - Proceedings - State Share Release 2008-09
No.40184NREGA Cell07CRD (vii) dated   28.10.2008 - Proceedings - Follow Up - Instruction for the Monthly Ceiling of Vehicle
Circular - 38507/NREG Cell/08/CRD dtd 07.10.2008  - Labourer's Health Protection
Government of Kerala -Communications  
44768/DD2/10/LSGD dtd.11.08.2010 - Extension of service of Data Entry Operators to another 6 months
Public Notice-Particulars of Organization-functions and duties
No.28633/DD2/09/LSGD dated 20.05.2009 - NREGS - Certificate for Evaluation of works

Government of India Communications

Release of Central Funds for expenditure on training to KILA
MGNREGS-Registration & Issuance of Jobcards during General Election
Instructions for Stoppage of Central Assistance under Section 27 of MGNREGAct,2005
Revised Wage Rates-Clarification
Kerala-Revised Wage Rates
No.M-120164-1-2010-MGNREGA dtd.13.09.2010-Convergence of MGNREGS with other Schemes -Clarification on Funds utilisation
D.O.No.J-11060-8-2010-NREGA dtd.31.03.2010 - Prerequisites for Financial Releases
No.J-14024-2-2010-MGNREGA dtd.04.08.2010 - Clarification on utilisation of Funds and Works name with Sate specific local names
No.G-31011-4-2009-NREGA,Release of funds during the financial year2009-10 dated 10.01.2010
M-11011-5-2007-NREGS-II - Citizen information board of works undertaken under NREGA
D.O No.K-11011-2-2008-NREGA(MON)TS Dtd. 11.08.2009
11060--3-2009 dtd. 01.09.2009 Amendment to Schdule I Para 1(iv) of NREGA Act
D.O. No. K- 1101 1/2/2008-NREGA(MON) dated 24.05.2009- NREGA MIS Software -Latest Updations - Grievance Redressal System - reg
J-110112/2007/NREGA-Circular dtd.28.05.2008
No.43762005-PLN III Vol.III - Implementation of (NREGA)Application of Model Code of Conduct


Evaluation Study by Government of India
NREGA and Coastal Areas
Nregs and Human Development
NREGA & Panchayati Raj Institutions by S.M. Vijayanand, Principal Secretary, LSG
National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme And Earlier Wage Employment Programmes –A Comparison
Impact Assessment of NREGS in Kerala
Implementation Of NREGA - Experience Of Kerala


NREGS & Forestry-Kerala Experience
NREGS for Development of Agriculture-Kerala Experience
NREGS for Water Resources Development in Kerala
Convergence of NREGS & Forestry
Presentation on NREGA by S.M. Vijayanand, Principal Secretary (LSG)
NREGA Presentation English
NREGA Presentation Malayalam


MGNREG Act 2005 - Malayalam
MGNREGS-Hand book
No.9321/Mahatma Gandhi NREGS Cell.2/11/CRD Dated:25/04/2011-Watershed implementation guidelines
Kerala State Employment Guarantee Council Rules,2009
Kerala State Employment Guarantee Fund Rules,2009
Kerala Rural Employment Guarantee(Grievance Redressal Mechanism)Rules,2009
Guidlines for convergence with NREGS
Guidelines for Gramapanchayat Level Labour Bank Formation GO 3379-2008-LSGD dtd 15.09.2008
Guidelines for Grama Panchayat Level Labour Bank Formation
Social Audit Guidelines
NREG Guidelines Malayalam
NREG Act 2005
Working Instructions for Kerala Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
Kerala Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (KREGS)
Annual Plan
User Manual for NREG Online Data
Rural Development Department – Kerala Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (KPREGS) – working Instructions– Issued.
Annual Report - 2006-07
Annual Report 2007-08
Annual Report 2008-2009
Annual Report 2009-10
Success Stories
Success Stories 
Work,Time & Motion Study-Report
MGNREGA & Food Security-Improving the Natural Resource Access for Small Land Holders
RTI - Public Notice
Public Notice-Particulars of Organization-functions and duties